Orca Adoption

Whale tales: February update!

In early January, Orcalab report having finally heard A5 pod’s calls on their underwater recordings. And, on 10th January again, their calls were heard from Johnstone Straight and Orcalab’s researchers contacted the Canadian Fisheries department. They were finally able to locate Holly and her family, along with other A5 pod orcas, at the Ecological Reserve at Robson Bight.

On 27th January, Holly was filmed ‘rubbing’ at a beach on the Sunshine Coast in Georgia Strait. Orcalab sent us a great video that shows Holly and her family, including her newest calf, enjoying the shallows together.

The team at Orcalab are currently working towards becoming oil free at their research station and have made a great start by installing a windmill to harness the southeast winds to boost their batteries!


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