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Orca News: March Update!

We’ve had our update from OrcaLab, and they had a pretty surprising visitor to Johnstone Strait during February! For the first time in 30 years the team were visited by a Sperm Whale. The researchers at OrcaLab have named him Yukusam, and they took a trip out on their boats to take a closer look. The last recorded sighting of a Sperm Whale in the Strait was in 1984 so the team are really happy to be able to observe Yukusam and will be sending us updates on him too.

Our Orca, Holly, and her family passed through the Strait on their way north, having spent much of the winter months further south along the coast. As she passed through the southern water, the Canadian Fisheries and Oceans department spotted her with her newest baby and shared this photo with us!


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