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Ash Falls extension: Open Now!

We are proud to share with you that our work to extend Ash Falls from a single homestead to a double homestead is now complete and we would love to invite you to visit, or re-visit, this much loved location on the grid.

Ash Falls is a collection of coastal islands, inspired by the rocky terrain, volcanic sands and rich green flora and fauna of the Pacific North West.

At its core it has always been our [dirty.pretty] vision to provide a remote, photogenic setting in which to turn moments in to memories with friends, family and loved ones. With our extension in to the second homestead, we have been able to continue our one of a kind build, custom soundscape, optimised texturing, dynamic skies and realistic landscaping to create a seamless environmental experience for all to enjoy. We have also been able to add three new, one of a kind rental properties to our real estate portfolio.

Within our extended space we are excited to reveal that we have crafted one of the longest fully mesh, surfable wave sets in Second Life across a challenging 210m run. After a long day’s surfing we invite you to climb the weathered wooden steps up our rocky cliff face to our fire circle. With plenty of spots to sit around the fire and unrivalled views across the waves and the skies of both homesteads, we think you’ll agree that it’s the perfect place to chill together.

Ash Falls continues to be a group access only location, this is primarily to protect the privacy of our residents. However earlier this year, we took the decision to use our group fees to adopt an Orca, named Holly, through Whale and Dolphin Conservation. Those of you that have visited will have seen our resident Orca pod at both Ash Falls and Erebos Harbor; both builds are inspired by the British Columbia coastline and we were inspired to give something back! We receive frequent updates about Holly and her family from WDC and we blog about Orcalab’s activities monthly.

Ash falls has always appealed to the soul seeker, the soul searcher and now we hope to appeal to the soul surfer too. See you on the waves!

Leaf & Julz ❤

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