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Soul Surfing

On 24th April, we officially opened the Ash Falls extension and we are so happy that you’ve been enjoying the new space!

Ash Falls has been home of dirty.pretty for a very long time; it’s been through various metamorphoses and taken lots of forms. In June ’17, Ash Falls was opened to the public and swiftly added to the photogenic location category in the Second Life Destination Guide. But whilst beautiful, we felt that Ash Falls hadn’t quite found its’ purpose in its’ newest form.

…our waves

After finishing the build at Erebos Harbor, we at d.p found ourselves with some rare downtime! I had always surfed in Second Life, but Julz never had. She was hooked from the moment she caught her first wave. That same weekend we found ourselves making space in the bay at Ash Falls for Tahiti Breaks and that’s when we found ourselves wondering what we could do with more space and more waves.

With the addition of the second homestead in early April, we had crafted one of the longest fully mesh, surfable wave sets in Second Life, including; two pairs of custom Maoli Florida Fluffs, a pair of custom Tahiti Breaks, pair of 64m and a pair of 100m Swells all configured across a challenging 210m long and 180m wide run. A new completely unique day cycle featuring dynamic skies, cloud coverage across a 6 hour rotation and unique lighting rigs on the obstacle rocks in the run that can only be found in dirty.pretty locations.

When we dreamed up the Ash Falls extension together we knew from the outset that we wanted to create a great break for us and our members to surf; somewhere that we love and where we wanted to be on the water and off the water, where the ride just speaks for itself. We built Ash Falls as soul searchers, and we appealed to soul seekers. Now, with our waves we have all you soul surfers, just like us, in mind.

So, after a long day on the water, climb the weathered wooden steps up the rocky cliff face, sit around the fire and breathe in the view. We’d like to think you’ll agree Ash Falls is the perfect place to reflect and recharge your surf-soul.

…our oceans

Ash Falls has always been a group only location; initially in order to provide our renters with the most tranquil space we can whilst also still ensuring that the space is open for almost all to enjoy.

Since the beginning of 2018 our group fee earnings have been donated to Whale & Dolphin Conservation, a registered charity who specialise in the protection of and promotion of the safety and conservation of cetaceans worldwide. Ash Falls has always drawn inspiration from the Pacific North West and earlier this year we adopted a Northern Resident Orca – named Holly – using your donations; ensuring that your Second Life surf habit is making a difference to the real marine environment.

…our future

So what now for d.p? We have alot of pretty exciting projects underway at the moment, including a new full region environment and a completely new state of the art surf system, along with a few treat projects we can’t even announce yet, so stay tuned, stay chilled and stay dirty.pretty.

Mahalo 💕

Leaf & Julz

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