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Orca Watch: springtime whale tales!

If you’ve been following us for a little while, you’ll know that this year [dirty.pretty] adopted an Orca named Holly using your group join fees. April is a quiet month for the team at Orclab and in their update they decided to share a little bit of history about each of the adoption Orcas that the team observe in Johnstone Strait.

Holly was born in 1980. Her babies Surf, Current, Cameleon and Albion are all named after places around British Columbia. Holly and her family are one of the few groups seen in the Johnstone Strait during the winter, but they also reach into southeast Alaska through the year – their range is more than 500 kilometres. Holly is widely considered to be an excellent mother, frequently displaying her careful and loving attitude to her youngsters as well as the other youngsters in A5 pod. She has been observed as a keen educator leading the pod’s babies to the rubbing beaches in the Strait where they learn from her as they roll around on the gravel in the shallows.

The team at Orcalab are positively looking forward to the summer months and all they hold, and we’ll be back very soon with more news from them as soon as we receive it. But if you just can’t wait for more, we think you’ll love this recording of A5 Pod’s calls from 2013.


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