Welcome to the new Mermade Riptide HUD!

Inside the folder you will find;

mermade. // [Riptide HUD]
mermade. // Riptide Scripts v.3 [add to unpack]
mermade. // tail lights (add to wear on spine)
mermade. // Riptide HUD info (a copy of the image on this page for inworld reference)
mermade. // instructions (IMPORTANT!)
mermade. // [Nemissa Fin BOM]

Installing your scripts

1. Rez your Riptide Mermaid Tail (ignore any script error messages that pop up).

2. Unpack the ‘mermade. // Riptide Scripts v.3 [add to unpack]’ box from within the folder you received.

3. Edit your Tail, add the following script: ‘alienwaves. [ mer omni-tail ] v3’ in to the tail.

4. Take your tail back to inventory, wear it and then attach your mermade. // [Riptide HUD].
Click to apply! And don’t forget your glowlite! ❤

Optional add- ons

Included with your purchase are two optional add-ons, for other products as follows:

FOR + Webbed Hands + {aii} click here
A coordinating applier for your Webbed Hands by Aii is included on the HUD.
For this to work, please rez your Webbed Hands and add the script called ‘alienwaves. [ mer aii webbed hands ] v3’

FOR Nemissa ~ All Fins Linked (by Cynefin) click here
A coordinating materials applier and BOM for your Nemissa Fins is included.
For this to work, rez your Nemissa ~ All Fins Linked and add the script called ‘alienwaves. [ mer nemissa fin ] v3’