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In the news: Strawberry Singh and L’Homme Magazine

This week, Erebos Harbor has had lots of visitors exploring who are sharing their thoughts and images!

On Tuesday Blogger, creator and social media enthusiast Strawberry Singh TP’d in on her #ExploringSecondLife live stream to share her thoughts and reactions as she took in the Harbor for the first time as part of this weeks #SecondLifeChallenge.

And on 4th February, the latest issue of L’Homme Magazine was released which includes a ten page photographic feature on Erebos Harbor by photographer, Moos Hultcrantz. (starting on page 186)

If you haven’t had a chance to visit just yet we hope you enjoy seeing what we have to offer; we’d love to know your thoughts if you have a few minutes to stop by our guestbook!

Julz ❤

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