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It’s been a while…

Last year we produced seven regions in ten months with little time off. By the end of October we already knew we needed to allow ourselves time and space to recharge, but it was technical issues which ultimately forced our break. With time away from SecondLife we were able to reflect on an amazing year, full of incredible highs that ultimately overshadowed some very difficult lows.

Spending time away has given us the opportunity to seek inspiration in other places; music, movies, games, and real life. Recharged and ready ( and with a new motherboard ), we returned to SecondLife in February with a new perspective and fresh ideas.

One thing cannot be argued; during the last year we have been lucky enough to meet some amazing and creative people through the places we’ve worked hard to bring to life in SL, some of which we have admired from afar for years. We thank you for your continued contribution to the SecondLife community and for your friendship when we’ve needed it most. We can hardly contain the excitement for what’s to come with you in our lives.

Whilst we may have been outwardly quiet, we’ve been busy again. In just a few short weeks a new public space will be born for a very special client.

Much love, [d.p] 💕

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