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Today we’re celebrating the first anniversary of the surf at Ash Falls!

We opened Ash Falls in June 2017, then added rentals to the homestead that October, and a year ago today we added our second homestead. Our wave run on the Spider Island side of Ash Falls remains one of the longest surfable wave runs in Second Life, with a fully custom night surfing light system and physical obstacles and rocks all through our challenging run in our Pacific Northwest environment. When we set about building the extension we knew we wanted to provide an alternative environment for the surfing community: somewhere for soul surfers, for a little solitude and for the odd Surfunday, Surf Camp and Surfari! A year on and we are so thankful to you – the surf community, photographers, bloggers, group members and our friends – for making Ash Falls what is and for continuing to support us in all the creative things we do.

The start of the year has seen a bunch of milestones, including the first anniversary of the opening of Erebos Harbor and of the adoption of our Orca! Back in February 2018 we decided to put our group join fees to good use, we’re proud to share that we’ve been able to donate over L22,500 to WDC since we adopted Holly. Check out this video of her and her family from Wild Sky Productions.

Here’s to another awesome year and many more milestones,
Julz 💕

If you’d like to learn more about how your group fees and our donation works, please visit WDC here to learn more about their conservation efforts.
If you’d like to learn more about Orcalab’s work with the Northern Resident community, please visit them here.
Any group fees received in excess of our regular donation payment continue to be reinvested in to improvements on our builds and in to continuing to provide our environments for your enjoyment.

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