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After the Fall

Over the autumn period we’ve been quietly beavering away on some projects which you can now find on our portfolio pages; A gorgeous autumnal personal homestead for Brandon and Thalia Taselian, the new Cold Ash store sim and ofcourse the Ultra Event building environment. All of which you can also find some amazing photos of in our Flickr group.

The last few weeks have left me without a PC and unable to finish our current commitments, but has also given me time to reflect that this forced break has been the first real break we’ve had since March this year, totalling 7 regions in all.

So with that in mind, I’ve decided that we will not be accepting any further region requests until further notice, while we catch up with the remaining clients we have, focus on our own regions and digest the experiences of the last year, both good and bad.

With the sudden closure of Cloudbreak by its’ owner, it’s a good point in time to sit and reflect on how fragile and notoriously difficult, one-dimensional, seasonal regions can be to maintain and also our own personal investment in the regions we provide. So from this point forward, we will not be providing rental regions for 3rd parties as we do not feel its appropriate to lend our name and talents to potentially unreliable projects.

We’ve always tried to provide the best environments and experiences we can, to both clients and tennants alike and will continue to do so in the future.

Life is short, seasons come and go, but the lessons we learn stay with us forever.

Leaf 💕

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