Updated information on Region Closures

On Sunday evening we announced the news of our region closures, with heavy hearts we knew we were making preparations and plans to close them both.

In the days since, the response we’ve had has been so unexpected. We’ve experienced such a lot of support that it led us to soul search and number crunch just a little more, and whilst we aren’t able to keep both regions because of all the things we’d mentioned previously, we are very happy to announce a change of plan – we have decided to keep Ash Falls online for the foreseeable future.

Sadly, Erebos Harbor will still close as planned on 24th December. We’ve made arrangements so that our tenants at Erebos have had their time extended to the very end at no cost to them, to allow them to enjoy their homes for as long as possible whilst the region remains online.

And what this means for us now is that Ash Falls will continue to be home to five sets of tenants, and it will continue to be home to us too. With this in mind that we plan to start a fresh waitlist.

It’s been a year, right? We have both been more fortunate than we could have predicted in such an unpredictable time. But, time is of course part of our battle – so, for now whilst Leaf is busier than ever in RL all support queries should be directed to me (Julz) via inworld IM or the contact page on our website.

We are so thankful to our community for supporting us for so long. Each of you who reached out to us, who took time this week to visit for a little longer than normal or for the first time in ages, who visited for the first time ever on a “you have to see this before it’s gone” recommendation from a friend – thank you for guiding us to reflect upon and revise our plans.

In the coming weeks there are some events being planned at Ash Falls by various surf and sport groups. Initially intended as goodbye surf sessions, we hope you’ll join us to catch a couple of waves, celebrate Ash Falls and to reminisce on memories of Erebos.

See you in the surf,
Julz ♥