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Tiny house – big SLiving

In a world where we can be anything and our dreams can become a pixellated reality it may seem surprising to decide to go tiny.

We recently decided to downsize on our island home at Ash Falls so we could optimise the remaining land impact across the region. We’ve been watching a whole bunch of Tiny House and Van tours on YouTube recently, so going tiny seemed like a great opportunity to put in to pixels all the stuff we’ve picked up.

I’ve always had a fascination with the idea of decluttering, minimising my possessions and throwing caution to the wind to live in a tiny home. My apartment out here in the real world is pretty small by any standards but without a wheelbase and a beautiful view it’s still pretty far from the dream. The freedom of tiny living, of being able to pick up and move to a beautiful new spot appeals to my inner escapist. I crave that blurred line between indoor and outdoor living.

So…we set about putting together our new off-grid tiny home. There’s been a recent flurry of amazing tiny house options in Second Life; from the super compact and ready to go California Surf Camper by Bazar to e.marie’s super cute Tiny Dreamer there are so many great choices.

We finally decided on ::no13::’s Mobile Home because of the rich wood textures, flexibility of the inside space and all those floor to ceiling windows. There’s enough space within the trailer that we were able to install a Hanging Bed by Brocante. Seven Emporium’s Seven Emporium’s Library Ladder provided much needed access to the bed. We finished the key furnishing with DRD’s Rustic Kitchen and some great seating cushions from Dust Bunny’s Darling Sectional pack.

Going tiny left us with a small footprint to fill. It’s almost as intimidating as a huge home because you want to put everything in but without some careful thought you have to compromise. We have a composting toilet outside, and our shower is attached to the outside of the back of the home. But the benefit of a smaller space is that you don’t have to compromise on clutter vs land impact. We’ve managed to pack in everything you’d expect as well as personal touches that really make it ours – the glow stars on the ceiling that have been in every home we’ve shared, our posters and pictures, a huge flat screen TV for media with a gaming PC and console on the floor.

We are frequent platform dwellers, kilometers above the ground on an empty white prim suspended amongst nothing. It’s easier to work in a blank canvas and the performance benefits when it comes to your computer make those platforms even more tempting. For me, spending time on the ground, surrounded by the water and immersed in the sound and light of our region is something we often forget to do. Outside space is important to us, and we’ve been able to create a large deck space with some seating and an outdoor fireplace from the ruins of some old building that used to be.

The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more,
but in developing the capacity to enjoy less. – Socrates

In thinking small in pixels, we hope to be able to enjoy more of what we’ve created in the wider landscape at Ash Falls (and to spend a little less time in the empty sky). Take a look over the pictures of our new home, stop by Ash Falls and cam over to see what we’ve put together in our little corner. I hope we’ve inspired you to consider giving up huge half-empty houses to go tiny and SLive big.

Julz ♥

4 thoughts on “Tiny house – big SLiving”

  1. Di Starsider says:

    Always adore anything you two do. Simply gorgeous!!

    1. julz says:

      Hey Di, thanks so much for your lovely comment. It was lots of fun to put together our new place! Hope you and yours are all keeping well out in Real Life ♥ Julz

  2. tallyellowsista says:

    it’s small but doesn’t feel like something is missing. there’s room for a guest or two!

    1. julz says:

      Completely agree, we can hang out comfortably together whith places for other people to sit too 🙂

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