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Earth Day 2021

Each year on 22 April, people around the world come together to celebrate our planet and drive attention and action on the climate crisis and our serious environmental issues globally. This year the Earth Day theme is #RestoreOurEarth and has a special focus on emerging green tech, climate restoration tech, and reforestation, alongside citizen science and cleanups.

The surf community in SecondLife always celebrates Earth Day, but this year there’s a problem… a big, big litter problem at Cohiba Lake. The lakeside island chill-out spot has been overrun with single-use paper, plastic and metal and we need your help!

Leaf and I visited recently and lost a newspaper when we were there, we really need you to pop by and pick it up for us! Each piece of litter you pick will give you a prize from any one of 22 amazing businesses and creators within SecondLife; some will have a prize for all and some will have a prize only for the first person to get to it so get there quickly to join the efforts.

We left a limited edition [d.p] Earth Day 2021 pin badge tucked inside our lost newspaper and we’d love for you to find it as a thank you for your help and a wearable reminder from today’s event.
Head on over to Cohiba Lake now to help with the cleanup!

The mesh for our pin badge was made for us by the creator behind Pr!tty, Karla Mamara, who creates beautiful hairstyles, jewellery and cute animated typers and accessories for your avatar. Karla has been taking on commissions for her cute little pin badges for a while now and we were thrilled when she worked with us last year to create something special for us to pass on to you when the time was right! Our Earth Day 2021 pin will only be available at this event, but we plan to release a couple more editions of the pins to our group members in the future.

Here at [d.p] we’re pretty big on environmental awareness and we try to reflect it in each of our projects. At Ash Falls our eco-roofed homes are all solar and wind powered and built from sustainable or reclaimed materials. They serve as a reminder to all of how our choices can affect our futures and how small actions taken many times by many people can lead to big changes. We hope you’ll join us in taking a few minutes to reflect today on what actions you’re going to take to help #RestoreOurEarth

Julz & Leaf ♥

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