If you don’t know who we are; [dirty.pretty] specialize in the design and creation of high quality, photogenic, environmental builds in Second Life®. All of our projects are one of a kind and include innovative scripting and mesh creations, location specific soundscapes, to create some of the most immersive environments and luxury rentals on the grid.

As we look to further develop the lifetyle side to our brand, we are embarking upon a creative partnership with you, ULTRA’s designers and bloggers.



We are currently looking to showcase your décor products in situ, within our environments, prior to and for at minimum the duration of the event cycle at which your product is to be sold. Our intention is to select products that are aesthetically relevant to a [dirty.pretty] environment from the blogger room or on mutual agreement by direct approach.

If we choose to work together, we will:

  • present your product in one of our environments, prior to and for the duration of the event cycle,
  • provide a link from a relevant location in-world to the ULTRA event at which your product can be purchased
  • photograph, link and share your product on our blog, facebook, and within our flickr pool.

An example can be found here.



To rez in our environments, you’ll need to join our group. We currently ask for a 200L group join fee, and this money goes to Whale and Dolphin Conservation (a registered UK charity) through whom we sponsor an Orca named Holly.

We will happily refund your group fee if:

  • you take at least one image in each of the regions detailed below,
  • share those images to Flickr,
  • ensure that you add them to our Flickr Pool with the region SLurl, and
  • you drop us a message with links to your three images.


our locations

Ash Falls


Erebos Harbor

so what next?

If you would like learn more about us, click here. To take part, ask any questions or if you would like to talk to us about alternative creative opportunities with [dirty.pretty], please feel free to find us on social media or to contact us using the form below.

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