NBS Telephony

At [dirty.pretty], we like to think of all the little things so you don’t have to, so your home comes furnished with both the NBS Slimline Phone and the NBS Phone Attendant, somewhere on your property. Your rental manager will show you its’ location at the point of rental. If you would like it repositioned, please feel free to ask.

Below you will find an explanation of how it works, so it may benefit you best.

The Slimline Phone

  • The number for your property is displayed on the handset itself, under the time on the digital display. However it does *not* show the area code, which for Ash Falls is 800 and Erebos Harbor, 855. So should your handset read 373-1234, your entire number, would be 855-373-1234 (or 800).
  • Click the handset. The handset will lift and reveal the keypad. If you wish for the call to be heard/interactive with those around you, click the speakerphone button on the keypad.
  • Dial your requested number by clicking individual digits on the numpad, or alternatively, say the number you wish to dial in local. (ie: (800)1231234 / 8001231234 )
  • When the number is dialed completely, the phone will place the call.
  • If the other line connects, talk to them by typing in chat or on channel 75 (/75 Hello). You can also use the /me emote if you wish.
  • When you are finished, click where the handset was (e.g. the hidden handset) to hang up.

The Attendant/Answer Machine

Reading Messages

To begin reading messages, press the [PLAYBACK / PAUSE] button. When prompted, press [SAVE] or [ERASE] (saving will simply keep the message for later review). When the messages have all been played, or you press the [PLAYBACK / PAUSE] button again, the Attendant will resume monitoring the line for incoming calls.

Manual Answer & Power

To have the Attendant cut in to answer a call before reaching the maximum number of rings, press [ANSWER] while it is ringing.

To stop the Attendant from answering any calls and simply let them ring normally, press [ON/OFF] to turn the power off. Press again to turn it back on.


For a more in-depth explanation into the NBS features and functions, you can visit their support page here.

For the current grid-wide phonebook, click here.