[d.p] Music

Your home is equipped with the latest version of our custom personal audio changer in the form of a small cellphone, somewhere appropriate on your property. Your rental manager will show you its’ location at the point of rental. If you would like it repositioned, please feel free to ask.

Below you will find an explanation of how it works, so it may benefit you best.


Once you have been added to the audio changers’ whitelist, upon touching, you will receive the first dropdown;

Off: Does exactly what you’d expect, turn off the parcel audio.

Stations: Once selected, the menu will change to offer you a selection of 50 different preset stations/styles of music. Selecting any of these will automatically change the stream on your parcel. This will not affect any other parcels in the region and can be changed as frequently as you desire. Clicking ‘main menu’ will exit the stations list. Menu page numbers to scroll through the stations are also provided.

Options: Once selected, the menu will offer a new selection;

  • List: This lists every preset station in a local chat whisper.
  • Playing: This lists the channel your parcel is currently set to in a local chat whisper. Should you be too far away to hear the whisper, it is also shown briefly in a subtle hovertext.
  • AddURL: This will produce a drop down text box, for you to add a stream of your choice, whether that’s a known station, or your friends own stream, you have the power to choose.
  • Main Menu: This will return you to the initial menu.
  • Users: This produces a secondary menu where you can choose who has access to your parcel music.

Users: This button selection produces the following sub-menu;

  • +User: This will produce a drop down text box, for you to enter the name of the person you would like to add. *Please note, the “resident” last name is not required.*
  • -User: As above, this will produce a text box, for you to enter the name of the person you would like to remove. *Please note that the exact name of the person, as it is shown on the userlist, is required*
  • UserList: The selection will list all of the approved users in a local chat whisper.

**It is in your interest to leave any rental managers already added to your audio device on the whitelist.

From time to time, we may update our audio devices with new features or improved functionality. Should this occur, we will ensure that any presets or persons you have added to the device are transferred to the new version to avoid inconvenience.