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The beautiful silver grey hues of the weathered wood of this old, converted barn blend beautiful with the surrounding environment and with double doors on every side, no matter where you settle inside this large property you find yourself with a stunning view to enjoy. Externally the property boats the largest raised deck at Erebos Harbor, which is furnished with beautiful seating, a firepit and custom lighting, making it the perfect spot to enjoy with friends and loved ones on warm evenings.

All [dirty.pretty] parcels come with parcel-wide security orbs, music stream control, chat/voice privacy, optional anti-cam privacy and NBS Telephony, in a picturesque setting. We also provide a sky platform above the property for your use.

Rent: 2250L$ per week, with initial minimum tenancy set at 2 weeks with rental payable weekly thereafter.
Allowance: 450 prim, to be shared between the property and the platform.
All rentals are subject to tenant acceptance of our covenant.

If you’d like to view this property, please visit it here in world.

If you are interested in renting this property, please contact one of our Rental Team in world, or via our Contact Form, and we can arrange to have the rental box unlocked for you as soon as possible.