Satya | Moksha


A traditional-style, Asian inspired home sits nestled between cliffs and high rocks at the edge of the jungle. From one side of this beautiful home there is direct access from the decking down to the beach, and from the other unrivalled access and views over the terraced paddy fields at the waterfalls edge.

All Cloudbreak parcels come with parcel-wide security orbs, music stream control, chat/voice privacy and optional anti-cam privacy, in a picturesque setting, along with a sky platform above the property for your use.

Rent: 2750L$ per week, with initial minimum tenancy set at 2 weeks with rent payable weekly thereafter.
Allowance: 400 prim, to be shared between the property and the platform.
*All rentals on Cloudbreak are subject to tenant acceptance of the region owners covenant.

This property is currently occupied, but if you are interested in renting this or any [dirty.pretty] property, in future, please fill in our Wait List form, and we will make note of your preferences.