Inspired by the very best of Oceania and South East Asia with long stretches of perfect beaches, the softest coral sands meet the clearest turquoise waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans. Vast swathes of jungle cascade over volcanic rock faces which tumble down on to the ever so lightly pink shoreline with space to discover, explore, and relax along the way. And, with one of the longest wave runs on the grid Cloudbreak is a surf location unlike any other; designed with soul surfers in mind but fully competition ready.

There are four rental properties at Cloudbreak; each boasting unrivalled views across the beaches and islands. If you tire of the surf, our beachside community space is a perfect spot to watch the water or to catch up with friends after a long day out on the waves.

  • full sim and homestead pair, luxury rentals and photogenic region with multi-wave surfable break
  • designed and created by [dirty.pretty]
  • client owned and managed
  • established in July 2018
  • public access, group required to rez
  • terraform & landscaping
  • buildings, decor & wave set up
  • lightscaping & soundscaping
  • branding & marketing
  • 4 rental properties

All enquiries regarding Cloudbreak should be directed to the region owner.

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