Checklist: Moving in a New Tenant

Website: Link new tenant to the Covenant Form page, ask them to read and then fill/submit the form at the bottom. [link to Covenant Form page]

Casperlet: Reserve the rental box for the new Tenant (this will autmatically unlock the box only to that named person). Switch ‘Allow Payments’ to Yes. Once their payment has been made, add a new reservation to the box in the new tenants name (this is so that when the tenancy expires, the only person that can rent it again immediately is the current tenant).[link to casperlet log in]

Payment: Ask the tenant to pay the rental box, if they try to pay one week then the funds will be returned to them. Our minimum initial term is two weeks, you may need to remind them of this. Check the payment has gone through okay on Casperlet on the Transactions or Rentals page.

Security: Add the tenant to the [dirty.pretty] security orb under ‘Admin’ and ask if they would like anyone else adding at the moment. Any other person you add should be under Whitelist. Return to the main menu of the orb, and hit ‘On’ to turn the system on. Then hit Status, and check local to see that the expected number of names are showing on the lists and that the system is active. The orbs are nearly all wall mounted, above windows or doors within the properties. [link to manual]

Radio: Add the tenant to the cell phone parcel switcher under Users and ask if they would like anyone else adding at the moment, all people get added to Users on the switcher. The switchers tend to be on shelves, ledges or tables, sometimes outside. [link to manual]

NBS Telephony: If the unit doesn’t have an NBS phone installed, please offer them one. The tenant is likely to ask what it is. Explain that it’s a text-based telephone system, with functioning answering machine technology. Leaf is the only person who can install the phones at the moment, so just tell the tenant ‘as soon as we can’ rather than give an installation deadline. [link to NBS website]

Parcel Security: Ask the tenant if they would like the option that “avatars in this parcel can not be seen or heard by avatars outside this parcel.” Whilst stood in the parcel, check or uncheck the box as required under World > About Land. Ask if the tenant would like voice active on the parcel, turn on if required.

Residents Group: If the new tenant is not in the [dirty.pretty] group, they will need to be to be able to rez objects and set their property as home. Go in to the group interface, then turn off group payments. Invite the tenant, and make sure they have accepted. Then turn the group payments back on (join fee is currently set at 200L). Then refresh the group, and give the tenant the ‘[d.p] Residents’ tag. If they tenant has a sub-tenant that will live with them – their partner for example – please also add them to the group/tag.

Platform: Give the new tenant the Landmark to their sky platform.

Finally, please make sure you Welcome the new tenant to their new home and let them know that they can contact any of us with queries as required.